Terms and Conditions


Cerumen Management 101 is a suite of courses that provide a basic understanding of the physiology and function of earwax and all forms of earwax removal procedures (suction, cerumenolytics, irrigation, and curettage).

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The following terms and conditions apply to all completed registrations whether undertaken by the student, or third party on behalf of a student completing a course registration.

Course Confirmation

Once the invoice is paid, the spot of the requested attendee will be confirmed.  The tax invoice acts as a confirmation of the receipt of the attendee’s registration. This invoice will indicate the total cost required for participation, full payment of the tax invoice is required to guarantee your place in the course.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address used at the time of registration. However, It remains the responsibility of the student to attend and complete the course.

Course Participation

Your commencement in the course you have enrolled in is dependent upon the following:

  • sufficient enrolments in the course,
  • availability of places in the course.

Please arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to course commencement. Any person arriving more than 30 minutes late may not be accepted into the course.

Cooling off Period

Students registering are provided with a 3-day cooling off period. This means that if a student accepts an offer of a place and pays the relevant course fees before the course start date, and then changes their mind (for any reason), a full refund of course fees paid to date will be provided. Notification of cancellation must be in writing.

If you need to cancel or rebook,  Please notify earhealthcourses@gmail.com regarding the reason for cancellation, or to reschedule. You will have one year from your original course date to rebook.

Biosecurity Amendment

In January 2020, the Australian government amended the national Biosecurity Act to include COVID-19 as a quarantinable disease. In light of the increasing infection rates of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus 2019) in the community, Partner Organisations are experiencing course cancellations.

If it is necessary to cancel or postpone a course as a result of COVID-19 concerns, all students will retain their registration and alternative arrangements will be made to transfer the registration to an alternative course. In this instance, no refund will be provided.

The cancellation and refund policy does not cover disinclination to attend a course, where a student is disinclined to attend for reasons associated with biosecurity. In some instances, we are happy to support reasonable requests for refunds in writing.

Partner Organisations reserve the right to cancel a course without notice, at their own discretion.

If a student cancels their registration for reasons other than detailed in the above Biosecurity Amendment clause; they will need to provide notice in writing prior to the commencement of the course. Should notification be received 14 days or more prior to the course commencing, a refund of 70% of your course fee will be provided. Should notification be received less than 14 days prior to the course commencing, no refund will be provided.


If a student is unable to attend a course, a substitute student may take their place at no additional cost but must inform the administrator, Brooke Hanby, prior to attending. Enrolled students who fail to attend without notification will not be entitled to a refund.

Transfers to other courses can be organised where appropriate (not within 14 days) and with special permission.

Appropriate financial arrangements to guarantee the refund of course fees when:

  • the course is cancelled or discontinued, with or without notice; or
  • the customer has an acceptable reason for discontinuing the course (e.g. medical).

Alternatively, a substitute course or date may be offered and mutually agreed on.

If for any reason it is necessary to cancel a course and a suitable transfer to an alternative course cannot be made, you will receive a full refund of fees paid.

Partner Organisations reserve the right to cancel a course without notice, at their own discretion. No additional refund will be provided in addition to course fee regardless of circumstances.


On the successful completion of your course, you will be issued with a certificate identifying the scope of practice covered within CM 101: suction, curettage and irrigation.


As part of our continuous improvement program, we constantly seek feedback about the courses, training and services we provide. Evaluation forms will be provided for you to complete as a requirement for AudA at the conclusion of your course.  However, we welcome any feedback if a member of another professional body.  In addition, you may be randomly requested to provide feedback at any stage during or after your participation. The aim of these evaluations is to allow you, the student, to have an input into the workings of our delivery partners and to help us achieve a better and more efficient service.

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